"They say that every picture tells a story, and in Deborah's case, that old idiom just doesn't quite seem enough. Because Deborah's photos are epic! Weddings, sports, children, adults, families, pets, school days, events… the happiness, the determination, the romance, the celebrations, the occasional disappointment, the wonder. Put simply, Deborah has a keen eye for life, often capturing forever the beautiful nuances that – in real time – come and go in an instant. And she's as caring to her clients and as dedicated to her craft as anyone I've ever known.

Yes, her photos are wonderful. But work with Deborah just once, and you'll come away with much more than digital or printed memories; you'll also likely make an amazing new friend!" 


"Deborah is more than a photographer, she is a chronicler of life's joyful moments, both big and small. Her dedication to the students and community she lives and works in is like nothing I have ever experienced. Her photos are a reminder for everyone to slow down and enjoy the treasure of childhood, passing milestones, and being a part of something bigger.

Deborah works tirelessly to deliver to the community often running from one graduation party to a dance recital and back to make sure her clients got the shots they needed in an extremely timely and efficient manner.

Deborah is a true creative and a force that will add thoughtful execution to any project she takes on."


"I've had the pleasure of working with Deborah professionally for over 18 years and consider her more artist than photographer. Deborah has a unique talent for working with children, and is able to quickly develop a genuine rapport. She has an innate ability to capture her subject's spirit and essence, making even bickering siblings smile and cooperate. A holiday photo that would have taken me hours, even days to shoot, takes Deborah about six or seven minutes. Her passion for photography shines through in her work and through her subjects. I highly recommend Deborah for all your photographic needs."


"I first saw Deborah's photos lining the hallways of our elementary school years ago. Her photos perfectly captured the small and big moments of the school day, from kids with their friends and teachers in the classroom to recess on the playground to special events. When parents couldn't be there, we could still get a glimpse of what our children were experiencing - joy, laughter, concentration. Her candid shots are stunning. Deborah also takes beautiful family photos, from holidays to birthdays and weddings. She works remarkably fast, making everyone comfortable while she's behind the camera taking photos, and always delivers a quick turnaround with editing and printing. I give her my highest recommendation."